Yoplait is one of the most famous yogurt brands in the world and is sold in over 50 countries globally. Yoplait was originally formed when 100,000 French Farmers decided to join together to better market their products in France.

Yoplait is now one of the largest branded yogurt and fromage frais companies in the UK. It makes popular brands such as Petits Filous, the number one children's dairy pot brand, Petits Filous Frubes, the best-selling fromage frais brand for children's lunchboxes, Wildlife and Yop. All together, these brands make up over half of all the children's yogurts and fromage frais sold in the UK. Yoplait also makes, under license, Weight Watchers chilled yogurts and fromage frais, as well as a range of chilled pot desserts.


- Approximately 18 million Frubes are eaten by UK consumers every year. If placed end-to-end, they would reach around 29,000 kilometers, which is almost twice around the Equator.

- Yoplait products are sold in France, Ireland and all over Europe as well as the USA, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Korea and many other countries.

- UK consumers spend over £250m a year on children's yogurts and desserts.

- Portable yogurts and fromage frais are the fastest-growing product type for children. They now account for over one quarter of the UK children's market.

- Yoplait produces over 67,000 tonnes of yogurt, fromage frais and dairy desserts for the UK every year. This is about the same weight as 370 jumbo jets.

For more information on Yoplait worldwide www.yoplait.fr.